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Jericho is back...



     Well, apparently the internet is good for more than porn and instant messaging, seems the fans of CBS ill-fated disaster drama, Jericho, have been given a reprieve of sorts.  After blowing up the show's message board, emailing executives and flooding chat rooms with "Why are they cancelling this show!!!!!", etc., CBS has decided to test the waters of reviving it.  CBS has ordered a 7 episode, mid-season replacement for next year and to build on that, will be re-airing the critically acclaimed and viciously fan-protected show this summer starting July 6 with the pilot episode, in the 8PM (CST) slot.  This is probably a lot better than it's original Wednesday slot that made it fight agains LOST and church and all sorts of stuff. 

The catch, because there is always a catch with these networks, is that CBS will air the pilot, then the following week air a "recap" show that covers the first 12 episodes, and then start the summer run with the 13th episode which was originally the start of the "spring" portion of the first season.  If that makes any sense to you, then you watch as much television as I do, and that's scary.  So, how to see episodes 2-12, because the recap show is going to be terrible, they always are....hmmmm.....not on DVD yet, or so I think, I haven't looked.....hmmmmm.....oh wait, episodes 2-12 are available online at CBS's website.  Brilliant.  Now I can watch the first episodes online and then buckle up for the remainder of the season this summer.  I'm personally excited because all of my non-LOST friends were all about this show, but I had to stick with my LOST and missed it, so here's my second chance, yes!

Jericho - Fridays - 8PM - CBS, watch it!(Here's more info if you want)

confidentially also excited about the new USA summer series Burn Notice, Mr. Rickey.

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