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A Blair Farewell



     Well, if you are just coming out from under your rock, you will note that Tony Blair, British Prime Minister and statesman for the last decade, has officially handed the reins over to the next guy. 

     Now, Blair took over in 1997, which holds a special place in my heart and that of many others, for various reasons.  I was in England for the better part of that year on a college trip and lived amongst the UK natives during his rise to power and the death of Princess Diana and all the drama that insued afterward(if you have not seen The Queen yet, do yourself a favor and Netflix it!).  Mr. Blair, whom I assume will be knighted soon, was a pillar for the British people and for those around the world not only touched by the loss of "the People's Princess" (which I always thought sounded like she was some sort of professional wrestler), but also by his leadership of that nation as the number one ally of the United States and a staunch protector of democracy across the globe. 

    I have personally always admired Mr. Blair and his rhetoric infront of the British Parliament (if you haven't seen the BBC America or CSPAN coverage of the British Parliament, I recommend you sit down and watch it sometime, it's so much better than the WWE or cage fighting or whatever the kids are dreaming about now when they jump from the top bunk).  I would love to see George Bush have to go infront of Congress every week and defend what he does with his executive powers, that would be interesting.

     So without sounding too sentimental, I will miss you Tony, you are a true gentleman and I wish you and your family all the best.  Especially since he will now be the special envow to the Middle East, trying to clean up a situation he was pulled into by our own mediocre leadership. 

   Tally-how, good show old sport, may you grow old enough to hear the songs they'll sing of you, yours, Mr. Rickey.





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