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Movabletype, the saga continues...



So.... Max and the IT guys figured out what the problem was with my margins exploding throught the right side of the screen.  Apparently when I put up that notice about the missing kid, I copied and pasted the html. from the email and once I put it in here, drama insued.  So I won't be doing that anymore, apparently it had it's own margin thingys or something, I don't know nothing about birthing no babies, so I'll try to refrain from using second-hand code and stuff.

That said, movable isn't the greatest user interface I've run across for anything and it sure doesn't like you using things outside of it and pasting in.  Which I guess is sorta good, because it makes it difficult to get things in that might muck up the page, but I sure wish it were better suited for wordprocessing, first of all, this little window you type in is the worst, hello, why can it be any wider?  And if you do that "full screen" thing, you have no editing buttons, what is the point of that?  Apparently I need to get some second toolbar to use with that, but I don't know where or what that is, so I just don't use it.  And I still can't figure out a spell check.  Google toolbar won't work in movable, so y'all will just have to get over my spelling errors, sorry.  I mean I like the blogging part, I don't like the technical part, this is why I need a personal assistant to dictate my blogging to.  Much like my boss will email me letters to send out, like fully typed, addressed, formatted letters, that I just paste into word and print on letter head.  I'm not complaining, but what sense does that make when all he has to do is print it and sign it, then give it to me? 

Well, the problem is fixed, we hope.  Now to try and get back to some real topics, like Why Muzak is legal?

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