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The Leader of the Free World...



You know, I didn't vote for Bush, I didn't, so I can talk about him, and that's what I'm about to do.

So in his latest misstep as our clueless leader, I read this morning, that he managed to insult the Queen of England.  How you might say?  He almost, almost, said she helped us celebrate our bicentennial in "1776".  Now, this can only be explained in one of three ways. 

1.  He's a shrewd and clever thinker, knowing that by almost saying it he'll get some more "oh golly" press about this simple, Yale educated, oil-industry financier, professional politician from Texas who's just a good ole boy at heart.

2.  He's a complete moron who doesn't think before he acts, let alone before he speaks and likes to stray from the simple, carefully planned speeches his staff writes and might as well throw away.

3.  He's incredibly camera shy and not good at speaking to large groups of people....wait he's been President for seven years...that can't be it....

Well, you decide, I mean, I suppose he could be clever...maybe the war is really going as planned...and there were WMD's in Iraq, they're just being housed inside Wonder Woman's invisible jet...yeah, that's probably it.  18 months left or something, surely he won't be able to blow up the world in 18 months.

And in other news, on the same Yahoo! front page

Our own, Bill Clinton, Oxford educated, good ole boy, professional politician who just happens to be a flippin Genius and the son George Bush, Sr. always wanted, has penned his own NY Times crossword.  Why?  Because he can.  I haven't seen it yet, but if I find it, I will try to link to it.  Seriously, look at the difference an election makes. 

Confidentially wondering if the Queen could have Dubbya banished somewhere, Mr. Rickey.

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