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50 Confidential Blogs!




     Okay, this is the 50th Central Arkansas Confidential blog entry...thank you, thank you, I didn't prepare anything, this is such a surprise... it's been a rough road, some things didn't go as planned and some unplanned things got going, but I'm starting to get the hang of some of this (I think.) I would like to thank the academy, Max for the opportunity, all the other Ark Times Blogs out there, it's an honor just to be on the same page of links as you, everyone at the Arkansas Times, all my readers, you know who the four of you are,  Belinda over an Ninjapoodles  who has commented in the face of adversity for me and my parents.  Above all I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ who is in Heaven, shining down his radiance upon me as I go forth in this and all endeavours, I'm just trying to hold it down for God, the Almighty on the Highest of Highs.  Fight Global Warming.  Peace out, catch my new blog, "Bwahahahahahahaha" dropping immediately above this one on 3-29-07.  Peace out, Bizmark, AR till I die!

Confidentially, Mr. Rickey!


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