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Well, I'm just throwing some stuff up for an update, I'm trying to get back in the

swing of things after my hiatus...

Issue#1: This woman who wrote Mitch Mustain that email. Sweet Lord Jesus,
what is going on here people? Yes, it's fine to get on the coach that comes with
the territory and his multi-million dollar contract. 18 year-olds, no matter if they
are transferring, asking for the moon or have "but-inski" parents stirring up the
gravy, do not deserved to receive any comments like that from an adult. She
should be ashamed of herself, she's old enough to be his mother, how would she
like it if someone was sending emails like that to her child? And to make matters
worse, the coach's wife forwards the email along citing its humorous passages?
     [sigh] Mrs. Nutt, do you understand what your husband does for living? Then why
would you do anything that jeopardizes that living? She should have been the
first one to bring this to his attention and say, "hey, this might be bad if it gets
out." Instead, the Chancellor gets brought into the fray and the Highlander, I
mean Frank Broyles, is "out of town" and can't comment? Whatever, apparently
Houston sent her a letter of reprimand and barred her from the sidelines. First of
all, who are these people that get to watch the game from the sidelines? Why are
they down there in the first place? Secondly, what the hell does a letter of
reprimand mean to someone who doesn't work for the university? Are they going
to rescind her tickets or her foundation status? No. So she got a letter and a lot of
public embarrassment... that seems fairish.
     I'm not the biggest fan of how the Springdale crew and their coach and the
Razorback program have handle things on both sides. It has all gotten wildly out
of hand and strangely comical and I'm sure someone much smarter and more
connected is penning the first draft of a movie script, but for the love of Pete, we
have to let this go, collectively, as a state and focus on more important things...
like the basketball team and that coach and how awful they are... that's not fair,
their just as awful as most of the rest of the conference.

Issue#2: The people in my office are crazy. One of them talks to the air, like say
we just had a conversation that ended with me asking you a question like, "do you
want it to be green instead of red?" You would respond with something like.
"Yes, I think green is fine." And then I walk out of the room, because we're done.
This person would say, "yes, I think green is fine," without out looking at you
because they're SO BUSY they can't possible have the courtesy to look at who
They’re talking to while trying to figure out HOW TO OPEN A .PDF FILE THAT
away, down the hall, to my piece of hell, I mean my desk, they continue to blather
on about why green, why not red, why they shouldn’t have picked blue two years
ago for an unrelated project and how much this green shouldn't look too
"foresty". But there's no one there, talking to air. They do it all the time. And
then start yelling (we have an intercom system, hello) for you because you missed
a question they posed to no one at the end of their spiel.... It's hell with post-its.

Issue#3: LOST. It just gets better and better and we are finally going to find out
what Jack's tattoo means, which has always been a bit of contention from the fans
standpoint as the tattoo, which is actually (I'm pretty sure of this) Matthew Fox's
from his college days and was just left as is for the series. Eventually the writer's
decided to pull it into the story, because it is freaky looking, its been featured,
probably accidentally, a lot and the fans really want something else to obsess
over... I love that show, though I've lost my LOST buddy, and now can only
obsess via forum, which isn't as fun.

Issue#4: Friday Night Lights, so good. This week's episode was so good. Can't
believe people don't watch religiously....

Issue #5: The Treasury Dept. is touting a new One Dollar coin for the U.S. as they
continue to try to find a way to phase out the dollar bill, which is easily
counterfeited and wears out in about 18 months I think. Now many countries
have the equivalent to a dollar coin, the best known to me, the English pound or
quid coin. But the problem is the dollar coin isn't being made to feel completely
different. A quid is heavy, really heavy and thick, like stacking 10 dimes together.
There's no mistaking it for anything but a quid. That's what we have to do,
make a juggernaut of a coin, something whose weight in your hand says, dollar Yo
and not 25-cent slots. This also means every vending machine, meter, etc. will
have to be re-tooled to take dollar coins, if they can take a hold. We'll see if that
cottage industry pops up or not... (Also included are the artist renditions of the new 24K, $10, First Spouse coins... First "Spouse".... is the U.S. Mint already picking a winner for 2008?)

Issue#6: Issues, why do I have them, why do I bring them up.

Great Website: WWW.DEFECTIVEYETI.COM, it's a blog, it's funny, Ninjapoodles put me on to it, I suggest you take a look-see.  

All right, that's a quick update, more on theater and stuff at some point.
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