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Please Stand By....



      Well, I'm going to try something newish since it seemed to work in the past, and devote some of my blog space to what I'm going to call a "mini-blog" about all the Television I watch, or try to watch, as well as all the ridiculous facts I find when I look people up on the internet, etc., so forth and so on.  And the name of this mini-blog, is:  Please Stand By.  I did the graphic myself, I think it looks pretty good. 
     While I'm going to try to remain focused on the boob tube, I may stray into movies, etc. and so forth, so deal with it people, deal with it. 

Now for a short list of my regular viewing:
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
Ugly Betty
My Name Is Earl
Big Day
Battlestar Gallactica
Friday Night Lights
Men In Trees
30 Rock

FX: (dirt - nip/tuck - The Shield - Rescue Me - Everythings Sunny in Philadelphia)

     That's just the tip of the iceberg.  I do have some guilty pleasure reality shows that will make appearances too, such as The Hills, I Love New York and The One that I want, though I try not to support reality television.  Also, All My Children and the Bold and the Beautiful are tolerated.

    There will be no positive discussion of any of these retarded game shows like Guess What, Deal or Meal or One against 78 or whatever they're called.  If reality television isn't bad enough, let's not start with non-skill based game shows that make every decision a cliff hanger....yawn.  It's called Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy people.

   All entries will be called Please Stand By, and be followed by a number or something, wel'll see.  Okay, so let's see how this goes, perhaps my seven readers will enjoy it.

Confidentially excited, Mr. Rickey.



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