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Forbidden Fruits



So this friend of mine is totally in love with this woman, who is in a long term relationship with someone else who she loves, etc. and he is still holding out hope that she'll come to her senses and fall for him instead. 

What do I tell him: "Don't be trashy, that's trashy, you're above trashy."  Because intentionally breaking couples up to get a person you think will love you back is insane.  If they wanted you, they wouldn't be dating that other person, hello.  And I refuse to interpret anymore innocent messages, "What do you think, "see you tonight at Dan's house means?"  That we are all going over there tonight for a party to which she'll be bringing her boyfriend of five years... no it is not an invitation for a tryst...


People, for real, don't be trashy and don't go after what is already taken, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so bait up and go fishing, don't steal off someone else's stringer...

Confidentially, don't be a coveter, Mr. Ricky.

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