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Every College Student Should Read This!



While paroosing the Ninjapoodles blog, the one off the Times blog page, I stumbled across this little nugget, ten years too late, but if you have someone in college, boarding school, male and single, this is a top 10 thing to have knowledge of:


From Ninjapoodles: Kraft macaroni & cheese (that's "Kraft Dinner" for my Canadian friends, and speaking of "Kraft Dinner," if you're searching online for meal ideas incorporating Kraft mac & cheese mix, search under "Kraft Dinner" on Canadian sites, and you'll have MUCH better luck. For instance, did you know that there is a preparation method for cooking this stuff all at once, without having to cook the noodles, drain them, and then adding the cheese mix and milk? If you're American, probably not, because it's certainly NOT ON THE BOX here

Oh the time this would have saved me, it would have added up to at least a few months... more secrets from our neighbor too the North....

More later, confidentially trying this when I get home, Mr. Ricky.

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