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Go Hogs Go! On the Radio...




Well, apparently the No. 5 team in the nation, with a Heisman contender in the backfield and whose only loss came to USC, doesn't garner much national media coverage if they're not playing a big time program on the skids.  This weeks game against Mississippi State will not be broadcast by any media outlet.  Of course the networks and ESPN passed, they're are big games out there this weekend.  But I have to say Lincoln Financial televising the Tennessee/ Vanderbilt game is ridiculous.  So Tennessee will be watching that one and .... no one else.  Alabama/ Auburn Iron Bowl, yeah, I get that, but Tenn./ Vandy, I guess to see if Vandy can pull off the upset on the lack luster Vols. 

Whatever, we don't need your stinkin television coverage, it'll be on the radio, you people know where, usually I listen on 105.9, but do what you have to do. 


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