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Ramblings for the Weekend!



If you haven't yet, go here,  The Rude Pundit: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/, mad props to Dogtownius Maximus for this link. 

Okay, okay, okay, Mr. Ricky has got some stuff to say.  That rhymed, what of it! 

1.  What is the deal with the hunter orange/ real tree camo campaign materials I'm seeing now?  Okay, I get it, you're going after the "huntin vote" and that's fine, but does the sign have to be 33% orange?  Democrats, Republicans, Communists and even three members of the Green Party hunt.  Hunting is not a political issue.  Really guns aren't a political issue either, the use of those guns to intimidate, commit crimes, kill people, etc. is an issue.  But back to my point, I don't hate hunting or fishing, I have done and do both, but when you leave the woods, you don't need the all the camoflage anymore. When is this infatuation with mossy oak camo going to die down?  Really, you need pimp your duelly out with it, seriously?  Cause nothing looks sweeter than your plastic wrap camo details peeling off the side of you F150, while your four wheeler slides around in the back, nothing. 

Oh, and while I'm on the "Arkansas Traveler" truck package, when I was, oh I don't know, 16, I went "muddin" and covered my Jeep in a 1/2" of the stuff, let dry, only cleared enough off the windshield to marginally see where I was going so when I showed up at school on Monday, my badge of honor was shining like a dirt clod.  I admit it and I embrace it.  Now that I'm older, wiser, not debating who's gonna get their older brother to buy beer for the Homecoming after party, let me say this:  If you are out of high school and still going muddin and leaving the mud on there for, I don't, weeks, until the good Lord finally washes it away with a bit of rain - stop.  Put your keys on the floor, and slide them to me.... to me Pele(Why the Pele joke is funny, see below)

2.  For those of you still reeling from the departure of the Second City improv troupe, local funny is all over the place with the Red Octopus Theater continuing their Halloween show "Woo Pig, Zombie!" at EZ Street Piano Bar tonight and tomorrow night at 8PM and Improv Little Rock, with an impromptu Halloween show at the Public Theater on Sunday, @ 7PM.  Admission for ROT is $10 ($8 if you wear a costume) and runs today and tomorrow.  Check the Arkansas Times Comedy Section and  Theater Section for more information on live entertainment around the Rock this weekend.


Finally, I found this website the other day where you can type anything you want on a LED screen in this guy's basement, oh, and sometimes his dad will sit in the foreground and play guitar.... it's great... especially if "Dad" is rocking out.  I've already done a Freebird joke....


I'm done working for the weekend, confidentially ready to throw some back, Mr. Ricky


*This joke comes from The Chase, starring Charlie Sheen, and  is funny because it makes reference to the person "sliding" the object being like Pele for kicking the object anywhere but to the intended target. See Pele is considered the greatest futbol player of all time for all ya'll who don't know much about that funny game all those "latiners" play out at Murray Park.... okay, I'll back up, about 2.5 billion people in the world call Soccer, "Futbol" which is pronounced like football, but is completely different.  Google it, and I'm not explaining Google, if you are reading this, then you should know about Google, I hope.

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