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You might be a bandwagoner if:


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     Seriously, Mr. Ricky is getting tired of the Hog Bandwagon. Everyday on Drive Time Sports, what do I hear?  How good the Hogs are, how good Mitch Mustain is gonna be, how no one can touch are tailbacks, how we don't have room for Peyton Hillis (that’s like saying we don’t have room for another Ferrari) in the offense because of all the new talent, yada yada yada.  Freakin bandwagoners, back in September they were going to string Dale up and now "we could technically play for the National Championship."  Ahhhhhh!  Yes, if fifteen of the top teams in America manage to lose three games apiece and the hand of God comes down and touches the BCS computer, we will play for the National Championship.  I give you this rant of a list:

You may be a bandwagoner if:

  • You have calculated the exact scenario in which Arkansas can play for the national championship, which involves several plane crashes, a nuclear attack on Bangladesh, the overthrow of the Iranian government and Peyton Hillis rushing for back-to-back 150 yd games.
  • You called "Dale" the worst coach in Arkansas history in September and then said "How 'bout them Hogs!" when you walked in the office today.
  • You posted anything on Hogwired about how we can go 11-1 this season with some "lucky breaks".
  • You call into any sports radio show and ask if the Hogs could beat USC now? (Yes, they could, they could also lose 67-3, and Frank Broyles could retire - the point, they already got beat, quit dreaming.)
  • You still wear your "Trojans Break" t-shirt.
  • You think we have to put up at least 50 points on out of conference schools in order to improve our BCS standings, because according to your calculations, we could make it.

     Oh, there are many more, but the fact remains, bandwagoners need to simmer down.  You just can't come out of the woodwork and be a fierce supporter of the Hogs when they're winning and then as soon as the lose a couple go back to watching Miami v. Boston College on ESPN Classic.  Furthermore, quit trying to speculate we are going to win the whole season and the SEC championship game.  In the SEC, any given Sunday, any team can lose to any other team, I don't care how good you are, just ask Auburn, Florida and Georgia.  The fact is, we are going to lose at least one more game, I don't want us to, but being realistic, I would say 9-3 is our best bet, 10-2 is a dream and I'll have a heart attack if we somehow get to 11-1. 

  So if all you bandwagoners could quit calling in to talk radio to say Go Hogs Go and that you have forgiven Dale and alls right in the world, Mr. Ricky would really appreciate it.

Confidentially, GO HOGS GO! - Mr. Ricky


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