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The Amish Country Shoul Not Be Dangerous.



Confidentially Dismayed This Week:

Lots going on in the world, most of it ridiculous and disgusting, and that's my harp today, school shootings.  Apparently they are back envogue or something, there have been three in the last week, two carried out by adults with some sick need to attack female youngsters.  Yesterday, and if you haven't heard you've been under a rock, some insane dairy driver decided to kill some Amish kids as revenge for something someone did to him 20 years ago when he was twelve.... [sigh] okay, crazies listen up:

-  Exacting revenge for something done to you in middle school 20 years later is retarded.  It will not help you to feel better, it will not even any "score" and it won't make what happened "un-happen".  What it will do is continue the cycle of violence and pain you are currently turning on.  Instead, get some professional help by contacting your local health department, for Arkansas Crazies thinking of doing anything within an iota of this: From a quick search for Free Mental Health Help in Arkansas.

-  Carrying your plan out on any community is deplorable let alone attacking an Amish community.  Authorities are speculating he chose this school because it would be easier to get into.  Listen up crazies, this doesn't get to be easy, don't pick on the people who don't use electricity, drive horse drawn carriages and don't believe in having their picture taken. [SIDERANT:  A co-worker mentioned today how disappointed she was in the general news media continuing to take video and still shots of the Amish gathered outside the school throughout yesterday's media blitz over the shootings (I said if that's what it takes for you to be disappointed in television news, we need to re-order some priorities, there's a war in Iraq).  For more on why the Amish are camera shy click it.

I suppose the higher ups at the network figured a continous,  floating helicopter shot of the officials and a concerned Amish community standing around dumbfounded as to the violence and awaiting the conditions of the injured while the down drafts from the helicopters blew the traumatized children's hats and bonnets off was worth stepping on some religious toes.  I guess they know they won't have to deal with the extreme Amish right kidnapping any of their reporters in Pennsylvania Dutch Country and demanding the release of their ideological extremist friends so its safe to mess with their religous convictions.  The Amish don't want to be photographed, we should respect that, but as Hollywood will tell you, there's not much photographers will respect these days.]

Just because they don’t have metal dectectors, armed guards and security badges doesn’t mean they deserve to be part of your sick, twisted plans.  And, no, I’m not saying “English”[that's what the Amish like to call the rest of America, the English, don't be offended]  schools deserve to be attacked, I’m saying the Amish schools don’t have a fighting chance, at least at a public school there may be some kind of plan, police, alarms, heck, some of the kids may be armed, who knows these days.  The Amish don’t have a police force, because they don’t have crime.  Seriously, like less than .05% crime rate, much less, and violent crime is almost unheard of.  [Hello, something we might want to look into, might learn something about respecting each other from these people instead of just buying their apple butter and quilts.]

- Back to you, Crazy Person, and you know who you are,  what is the deal?  What in your crazy head makes you think this is going to help?  These kids, your peers, these teachers, whoever you're angry at, have nothing to do with how you feel.  If you were teased or otherwise feel harassed or slighted, you should talk to your parents and the proper administrators and have it dealt with.  If that doesn't work, talk to local law enforcement, the school board, etc.; don't go shooting up the place like the OK Corral.  If you are an adult, there is no excuse for you to going to a school and hurting children, you are old enough to know there are means of getting help and you should do so.   Fighting pain with pain, is stupid and beneath our civilization, or should be.  And I don’t believe the devil is telling you to do it, I think you’re just really depressed and looking for all the attention you think you deserve for your Earth-shatteringly awful life.  Look at the third world, go to the slums of some African city, talk to those kids, see what a horrible childhood is like. 

Ahhhh!  I do not like the crazies!  Keep your craziness to yourself, the rest of us do.  Am I happy all the time, no, I’m not, you’re not supposed to be, life isn’t a barrel of monkeys, suck it up and don’t go attacking kids.  Seek a professional and get some help (See link above). 

I also read a blurb, and just a blurb, I have no links, use the Google, that said families of school shooting victims were suing the parents of school shooting assailants for not preventing these attacks.  What?!  You can't do that, can you?  Apparently people are trying. The family of the only black student killed in Columbine is suing the two shooters' families for 250 million dollars.  What?! 

First of all, that's a ridiculous amount of money, especially to compensate for your child, whom shouldn’t have a price that you could live with.  Secondly, did these parents watch this happen?  Did they see their sons walk out of the house with small arsenals and tell them to have a good day at school?  Did they spend years abusing, neglecting and molding young psychopaths...well, I suppose on the last one we can't be sure, but I don't know that you can hold them legally responsible if they didn't commit some kind of actual crime that aided or abetted these events.  I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me these families have enough to deal with and the levying of arduous legal fees and punitive damages is cruel and unusual punishment, protected under the Constitution and by common human decency.

  No one wants his or her kid to go out and kill your kid.  That being said, parents, no matter how much your kids hunt and know about gun safety, lock your weapons up with trigger locks and don't show them they keys.  Take responsibility for protecting everyone's kids, guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. 

Does this mean I can sue the parents of the kid that totaled my car for raising a bad driver?  Can I sue the parents of the person(s) that stole my bike from the front porch of my house in college?  Will I be able to seek compensation from the Elders, whose son routinely bullied me in the fourth grade for my snack money?  If so, I need to retain some counsel, I have a long list of ex-girlfriends, whose parents owe me a fortune.  I think I'll legally divorce my parents, just incase someone has the bright idea of suing them for this blog. 

America, wake up, quit being trashy.  Money is not going to bring your kids back or make you feel better about the way they died. Again, I've gotten myself too worked up, hopefully happier blog will come to pass soon.

Confidentially not imposing photography on the Amish,

- Mr. Ricky

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