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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...




What might you ask is Central Arkansas Confidential?

Wouldn't you like to know.... yes, you would. Hopefully the random, interesting and seemingly strange events I run into around Central Arkansas, on the net, etc. in my everyday life will translate to masses and shed some perspective on how we all live here in our little slice of the South.

I don't know where this thing will take us, but I can promise movies, sports, theater, web knowledge, television, office politics, relationship disputes, nightlife, music, French fries, Razorbacks (Let's Go Hogs) and pets will probably make some appearances. I can also guarantee a bit of sarcasm will creep in there somewhere.

Code name: "Mr. Ricky"

As you may have guessed, my name is not Mr. Ricky. My parents weren't that cruel. Mr. Ricky is what we like to call a "pen name" in the biz. It's done to protect the innocent bystanders more than myself as, more than likely, I will be relating stories dealing with my friends and my not-so-much-friends and I wouldn't want anyone to get their feelings hurt, it's all about the stories, not the characters.

Undoubtedly, those who already know me will pick up on who I am in about two sentences; I ask you to keep your knowledge of Mr. Ricky in confidence and don't be surprised to find yourselves as fodder. If you have questions for Mr. Ricky, advice needed, general knowledge, crafting, potpourri, etc. - Buzz those over to my "people" via the email to: and I'll include them in a future blog entry or blentry or whatever you call it.

So sit back, relax, grab some coffee, and let's see how I do. They are grading on a curve right? Good. - yours, MR

Central Arkansas Confidential will be updated whenever I can, but let's say at least twice weekly, sure, that's the ticket.  The views, opinions and information presented by Central Arkansas Confidential and Mr. Ricky do not represent the editorial views of the Arkansas Times and it most certainly is not a clever front for a covert government agency of any kind...never... geesh...

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