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Little Rock police officer accused of inappropriate behavior


KARK reports on an Internal Affairs investigation into a Little Rock police officer accused of inappropriate behavior.

Officer Jason Butler is accused of returning to a woman's home where he had previously responded to a disturbance, according to KARK's review of internal documents:

She says she "felt as though the Officer was attempting to come on to her in a sexual manner."

Officer Butler says he went back to the apartment to '‘conversate’ with her because he found her attractive’.

In determining discipline, internal police documents show Little Rock Police Captain Mike Davis recommended a 160-hour suspension saying, "I find this behavior to be indicative of a predatory nature that cannot be tolerated."

Chief Kenton Buckner replied saying he, "would not go as far to call his actions predatory but they were inappropriate."

In a document dated in late December, 2017, a Little Rock Police Sergeant says, ‘there is a pattern of inappropriate behavior on the part of Officer Butler towards females that he encounters while on-duty’. The Sergeant goes onto say, "My concern is that there may be similar incidents involving Officer Butler that have gone unreported by citizens."
While on suspension due to that incident, Butler allegedly picked up a 16-year-old runaway girl from a bus stop around 3 a.m. and brought her back to his house to sleep. He then dropped her off at her parents' house the following day, identifying himself as a police officer. The incident is under internal investigation and Butler is now on administrative leave.

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