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Mueller indicts Russians for interfering with U.S. politics


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Here we go. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians and three Russian entities for interfering with U.S. politics.

This link contains the full indictment.

It is perhaps only coincidental that Mueller has plea agreements with people who worked to elect Donald Trump.  Trump himself has said the Russian investigation is fake news and if you can't believe him ....

Looking forward to Baghdad Barbie's podium time today.

The indictment is about pumping fake information into social media. It says the strategy was to sow discord with stories supporting the Trump campaign and disparaging Hillary Clinton and others. They staged rallies, too, and posed as U.S. citizens. They spent money on campaigning without proper disclosure. They campaigned for Trump via "information warfare."

No mention here of hacking Democrats and hacking into election machinery. Perhaps that's to come. Whatever, our country is under attack and the current administration and much of the Republican majority in Congress seems to like it, or at least the outcome.

ALSO: An American has entered a related guilty plea, which suggests he's cooperating.

Trump tweeted that the investigation began in 2014, before he announced for president and claimed the effort had no impact on the election. "The Trump campaign did nothing wrong — no collusion," he Tweeted.

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