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Andrew Collins announces for House seat vacated by Clarke Tucker


Andrew Collins has announced as a Democratic candidate for the House seat to be left vacant by Democratic Rep. Clarke Tucker's decision to run for 2nd District Congress.

I'd mentioned Collins as a potential candidate, among several others, in the story about Tucker's announcement. He's a lawyer and currently chief operating officer of Cypress Properties, a real estate development and management company. His prepared statement said in part:

“Politicians, pundits, and social media can make America seem hopelessly divided and unable to find common ground. But we Arkansans have a lot in common. We value education, opportunity, and safe neighborhoods. We stand up for decency in our private lives, and long for it in the public sphere. I’m running for State Representative because I want to help strengthen our educational system, ensure economic opportunity for all, work to secure our quality of life, and restore decency to our political process.”

“My family and teachers taught me the value of service to others and I have strived to mirror their examples of community service. That is why, after college, I joined AmeriCorps VISTA to build the capacity of soup kitchens and food pantries to tackle hunger and poverty issues at the grassroots level. I learned a lot about what life is like for those on the margins of society, and it sparked a lifelong passion to try to find smart solutions to some of our toughest problems. I’ve served locally in various capacities because I believe we must all do our part to strengthen the bonds of our community.”
Collins, 34, grew up in Little Rock, is a 2005 graduate of Duke University and attended Columbia Law School. His time after college included work with AmeriCorps VISTA at the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. In his law practice, he worked on health care issues.

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