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Yes, it IS who you are


FAYETTEVILLE HIGH: A video brings an apology.
  • FAYETTEVILLE HIGH: A video brings an apology.

Nomination for words to be struck from public use: "This is not who I (we) am (are.)"

They popped up for the umpteenth today in a 40/29 article about a racially offensive video made by a couple of Fayetteville High School students. They apologized. But here's how I would have edited it:

“We made a crude video recently that was posted on social media sites. We were wrong, and we sincerely apologize for what we said and for the harm that was caused at Fayetteville High School and in our family. In no way does this video reflect who we are as people, how Fayetteville High School expects us to act, or the values that our parents teach us and exemplify at home. We accept full responsibility for our actions. Our intention is to learn from this experience and to be better people as a result.”
What we say and do unavoidably reflects who we are.  Those caught in dishonest, racist or misogynist words and deeds might not be dishonest racists and misogynists. But at a minimum, such actions demonstrate something unflattering â€” if only poor judgment, hot temper or immaturity. But they also might be evidence of dishonesty, racism and misogyny. Intoning "I am not a crook" after being caught stealing isn't likely to engender sympathy, fair or not.

Apologize and do better, not merely announce intentions to do so.

This is not who I am? Demonstrate it.

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