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Arkansas: Needs remedial work in civics, sample says


Timely this morning: A PR pitch from a marketing firm working with Orbitz about a sample it did of the civics knowledge of people in the U.S. Arkansas finished second-to-last.

This comes as Arkansas begins complying with a new law that mandates that high school students take and pass with a 60 percent score the 100 questions that can be asked of immigrants to become naturalized U.S. citizens. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported on that new law Sunday.

A news release from a British marketing firm said it worked with Orbitz, the travel website, to test civics savvy. It asked 2,500 people to answer a 10-question survey. According to the geolocation of those who responded on-line, Arkansans posted the second-lowest average score of the 50 states, 6.02 correct of 10. We edged out Tennessee.

The overall average score was 69 percent (against 91 percent among the actual foreigners who take the test.)

I don't take this sample for much, based on perhaps 50 or so Arkansas responses (though they presumably were from people able to use the Internet.)

But it reminds me: Many have asked what the average score would be for the 135-member Arkansas General Assembly on the required 100-question test. Would any volunteer to sit down and take a pop quiz? We'll volunteer as proctors.

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