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Paywall progress


I've been in contact with a few dozen subscribers who've been having trouble with their new paywall accounts (mainly due to a slow email server not getting password reset messages out fast enough), but overall it seems adoption of the new system is going smoothly.

Max has been the most difficult support ticket thus far so I'll take that as a win.

If you notice any funkiness or can't sign in, don't hesitate to email me at

In other paywall news, you'll now see a banner in the header of the website which ominously displays a countdown of remaining reads. Non-subscribers will have ten free articles per month. One thing I think folks will like better about this new system: the meter only gets dinged on fresh articles. Say you're looking for a specific post which you find and read. Coming back to it later won't count against the meter.

For those of you yet to subscribe, you can make one-time donations (non-deductible) to or head to to sign up for a monthly or yearly account. Email me an original poem featuring Tom Cotton and I'll hook you up with a discount code for a new subscription.

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