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A question for Congressman French Hill



2nd District U.S. Rep. French Hill, the Little Rock Republican, won't take calls from this constituent but he did take a question on MSNBC about his vote for an income tax cut bonanza for the wealthy and corporations.

Told by the interviewer that a majority of American CEOs have said they will not use the corporate tax breaks to hire new employees, Hill said, "Well, that's not what the CEOs in my district are saying."

Another constituent of Hill, the Times' Leslie Newell Peacock called his office to ask what CEOs he'd spoken to in Arkansas who said they intend to hire people with their tax savings.

There's been no answer. If anyone else gets an answer, pass it on.

ALSO: Ernest Dumas has some choice words this week about winners and losers under the tax bill, which in addition to enriching the rich will come with health care pain for the working poor.

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