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Arkansas clergy make a faith-based case for helping immigrants


As previously announced, an ad hoc group of clergy released a statement of unity this morning at the Capitol expressing concern over the Trump administration's rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and reducing the number of allowable refugees to a 37-year low.

The statement is rich in its reference to Biblical teaching. The Bible wavers in the halls of government somehow seem to lose track of their copies when it comes to those seeking refuge on our shores.


Walling out immigrants and refugees is not consistent with Kingdom assurance of security in Jesus, and placates the more racist and xenophobic elements of our communities. Arkansas has been a significant location in America's dark history of racism and exclusion and of this we repent, seeking a heart transformation in our community, nation and world.

Read it in full here, including names of all who signed.

The group is heavy in representation from so-called mainline churches, but there's a scattering of Baptists and at least one Republican pastor, Robb Ryerse of Fayetteville's Vintage Fellowship, a candidate for Third District Congress

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