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Huckabee humor confuses foolish man in hat


Mike Huckabee loves to spread the chuckles. His jokes operate in a curious ontological space. They do not serve the traditional function of jokes: They do not cause human beings to laugh. However, they assert themselves so unsubtly that human beings cannot help but recognize them as jokes. Huckabee, who has long held the belief that he is funny, seems to believe that this simple recognition that a joke has occurred is the purpose of humor. It's sad.

Huckabee's latest ha-ha was a satirical letter parodying a member of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team that Huckabee believes is politically biased. Take a moment and read it. Maybe you'll think it's funny. Probably not. But...Huck hammers those ham-fisted points home! A joke happened!

What would be genuinely funny is if someone misunderstood this strained fan fiction as an actual letter, an incriminating piece of breaking news.

Which brings us to former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a vocal Trump surrogate who enjoys solving mysteries and Urban Cowboy cosplay. Huckabee's satire was simply too subtle for Clarke, who mistook it for Real News.


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