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Tough-talking Tom Cotton silent on Roy Moore UPDATE


NO COMMENT: Tom Cotton can't be reached on Roy Moore.
  • NO COMMENT: Tom Cotton can't be reached on Roy Moore.
KNWA reports that Sen. John Boozman has joined many Republican colleagues in calling on Republican Roy Moore to withdraw from the race for a U.S. Senate seat from Alabama, but Sen. Tom Cotton remains incommunicado on the subject.

KNWA/KFTA reached out to Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, about the Alabama election, and his office didn't return any requests for comment.

The New York Times reports Cotton is one of three senators who haven't publicly commented on the allegations. The other two are Thad Cochran, R-Mississippi and Rand Paul, R-Kentucky.
Cotton also went silent when ABC came calling. Moore has no senators backing his candidacy.

Moore's base is Trump's base is Cotton's base. So there's that.

Perhaps one of the handful of well-behaved Arkansas media people who are favored with periodic comments by Tough Talking Tom — normally avidly in search of national TV cameras — might ask Cotton about the Gadsen Teen Heartthrob.

RELATED: But if you want someone who has PLENTY to say about Roy Moore, you can check the latest blog post from Wendell Griffen, the judge and preacher and prolific public commentator. He gets into the fervor of so-called white evangelicals for the likes of Moore and Donald Trump.UPDATEL

And I do not know why I or any other follower of the gospel of Jesus should believe white evangelicals are followers of Jesus who support Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and the policies and practices associated with them.

What is clear, however, is that there are people – in Alabama and elsewhere throughout the United States – who profess belief in democracy while supporting politicians such as Donald Trump and Roy Moore, persons whose personal and professional histories are defined by bigotry and other forms of oppression towards vulnerable people, including women and girls.

And, it is clear that Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and their white “evangelical Christian” supporters are determined to return the United States to an era when white patriarchy, white supremacy, and white nationalist militarism were the defining features of every level of government (local, state, and national) in the United States.
UPDATE: Wednesday afternoon, one of the few Arkansas reporters with whom Cotton will talk, Frank Lockwood of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Tweeted this Cotton quote: “I haven’t supported him, I don’t support him, and I can’t urge Alabama voters to support him.”

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