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UA touts athletes' graduation rate; omits SEC ranking



The University of Arkansas issued a news release yesterday touting the "record-breaking" academic success of its athletes.

Razorback student-athletes that entered school in a four-year period from 2007-10 earned a school record GSR of 80 percent. The latest graduation success rate marked the ninth-consecutive rate of more than 70 percent by Razorback student-athletes and marks the first time the GSR has risen to 80 percent. The previous record GSR mark of 78 percent was recorded in 2016.
It was left to the Jeff Must Go Facebook page, which is lobbying for replacement of Jeff Long as athletic director, to place the UA score in context — dead last in the SEC, with six schools at 90 or higher. The Aggies barely edged out the Hogs with an 81.

The 80% Graduation post today by Chris Freet & Jeff Long is just another example of their continued misleading & half-truth to outright lying propaganda.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette supplied the last-place finish in its account, too. It also noted that UA scores were lifted overall by 100 scores by golf, soccer, swimming, tennis and volleyball participants. Scores in the money sports improved — to 60 in football and 75 in basketball, good enough for bonuses of $25,000 and $100,000 to Bret Bielema and Mike Anderson, respectively.

Timing was propitious. Some members of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees aren't happy with Long (in part but not solely on account of Bielema's five-year record) and want to talk about him at an executive session this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, opinions vary on whether that planned discussion will result in action.

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