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Trump punishes his base (Arkansas, in other words) with health coverage decision


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Here's further details on how Donald Trump's decision to end federal subsidies for health care coverage of lower income people hits hardest in the state's that gave him his electoral college win, such as Arkansas. Says AP:

Nearly 70 percent of those benefiting from the so-called cost-sharing subsidies live in states Trump won last November, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. The number underscores the political risk for Trump and his party, which could end up owning the blame for increased costs and chaos in the insurance marketplace.
I see no risk. Donald Trump has insulted or harmed just about every type of person or interest group imaginable and remains rock solid with his base — particularly meaning Dixie. He'd get 60 percent of the vote again in Arkansas tomorrow.

The chart from Kaiser Family Foundation shows 60 percent of the Obamacare enrollees in Arkansas benefit from this subsidy. When it's gone, the state will have to make it up. It is making one step toward saving money by throwing 60,000 off the expanded Medicaid coverage of Obamacare. Until now, Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said this wouldn't be a problem because of the subsidies available to people who buy insurance through the marketplace. They were never sufficient to purchase insurance at the cost available. That becomes even more unlikely now.

I don't think Arkies would be moved even if they'd read that former adviser Steve Bannon told the "values voters summit" that Trump jerked the subsidy payments to "blow up" Obamacare exchanges and make prices skyrocket.

A reminder that the National Governor's Association, whose members include the governor of Arkansas last I heard, aren't happy with Trump.

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