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Dover public schools closed on account of unspecified threat


Dover Public Schools are closed today because of an unspecified threat and a decision is to be made later today on whether a Friday night football game will be played.

The district issued this statement on social media:

Dover School District received information about a possible safety issue today regarding our campus. At this time, there is no substantiated threat to any students, but in order to give law enforcement officials time to investigate the credibility of the information, all Dover schools will be closed on Friday, October 13th. Mr Daniels, Superintendent, has collaborated with local law enforcement officials and has decided that it is best to err on the side of caution until more information is known. The Dover School District places the highest priority on the safety of our students, staff and faculty. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

EDIT: A determination for Friday night's football game will be announced by noon on Friday.
UPDATE:  School officials have no found that the threat was not credible. Schools remain closed but football will be played tonight.

Dover, in Pope County, was in the news Wednesday when nine residents were among 44  swept up in a federal investigation of drug dealing, illegal guns and white supremacist activities in the area. This may be merely coincidental with the school action, of course.

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