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Another bad report on the Asa-backed health plan


Add the Kaiser Family Foundation to those who say most will be punished, and states like Arkansas particularly punished, by the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal.

Despite Gov. Asa Hutchinson's protests to the contrary, the point has become familiar:

Overall, the report estimates, states would see $160 billion less in federal health care funding over the next decade under the proposed law, with 35 states and D.C. losing federal dollars. But Medicaid expansion states would bear the heaviest burden by far, losing 11 percent of federal support on average. Republican-controlled states that did not expand Medicaid, however, would get an average increase of 12 percent.

Alas, Republican-controlled Arkansas expanded Medicaid.  We get screwed. Republican sycophants insist an 11 percent average cut isn't so bad, because states will be released from the future need to match 10 percent of federal money. You believe, don't you, that Arkansas Republican legislators will continue to devote that money to health coverage for the poor rather than tax cuts?


The report comes on the heels of studies by Avalere, Manatt, Brookings, the Center for American Progress and the Commonwealth Fund that have all found that the Graham-Cassidy repeal bill would mean painful cutbacks in federal support for both Medicaid and subsidies for people on the individual market.

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