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Ecology matters – run that up a pole!



Global warming, landfills overflowing, oceans rising, animal extinction, super viruses, suppressed immunities…. How can we make the madness STOP! The small things we do every day make a difference. Ecology is the one cause everyone can get behind. If you recycle or reuse, if you have thrown away your aerosol cans, if you use less throw-away paper products or if you have taken any steps to go green then the ecology flag is for you.

The Ecology Flag [Buy here] was created by cartoonist Ron Cobb, and was published for the first time in October 25, 1969. The flag was patterned after the American Flag, having thirteen stripes alternating green and white. In the upper corner nearest the hoist side was a solid green union, with a yellow Theta. The Theta is used because the letter historically represents a warning symbol, or the Peace Symbol.

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