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Congressman who assaulted reporter refuses interview with victim


U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, the Montana Republican who said during 
his sentencing he would sit down for an interview with the Guardian reporter he assaulted, has refused to do an interview with the reporter, Ben Jacobs.

A congressman lie before a judge? Surely not.

Reporter Ben Jacobs tweeted a statement Tuesday evening saying Gianforte’s refusal to do the “promised on-the-record interview” with Jacobs is indicative of the congressman’s “pattern of avoiding responsibility for his actions and refusing to live up to the statements made in what I had thought was a sincere apology,” he said.
Jacobs continued:

“I will continue to strive to turn this incident into something positive. Civil discourse and press freedoms are non-partisan issues and should form the basic foundation of our political system and society. I regret that Congressman Gianforte doesn’t appear to these these values,” he said in his tweeted statement. “When the Congressman is ready to schedule an on-the-record interview with me, I welcome hearing from him. Otherwise, should we meet in the halls of the Capitol, I hope I can approach him without fear of physical assault.”

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