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State Police respond to call for help on Little Rock streets


Though the Little Rock police announced stepped-up patrols to combat crime last night, the State Police had already responded to a call for help Monday.

State Police spokesman Bill Sadler, in response to a question about the involvement of his agency mentioned in last night's release, said Police Chief Kenton Buckner had called State Police Director Bill Bryant Monday night and said he needed patrol help. This followed two shootings incidents that wounded four on Asher Avenue.

About 10 troopers hit the U.S. 70 corridor that night, Sadler said, and they found a lot of work. Drug activity, a DWI, people wanted on warrants and a driver speeding 40 mph over the speed limit. He said the patrols have continued since along the Roosevelt-Asher corridor between Interstate 30 and University Avenue. As a U.S. highway route, it's well within normal State Police jurisdiction. For years, in fact, Troop A had headquarters on the road, but its former facility now essentially functions as a prison — holding barracks for prisoners who make up work crews assigned to maintenance of the state Capitol and other state facilities.

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