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Rutledge elaborates on Charlottesville


RUTLEDGE RESPONDS: To events in Charlottesville.
  • RUTLEDGE RESPONDS: To events in Charlottesville.
Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who issued a generalized statement Saturday about the clashes in Charlottesville over a white supremacist demonstration, got more specific in a statement today as the chair of the Republican Attorneys General Association. She offered no criticism of Donald Trump for equating the neo-Nazis and supremacists with those opposed to discrimination.

Rutledge had said on Twitter Saturday: * "The Good Book teaches us to come now, and let us reason together. Violence and hate are not the answer. Praying for #Charlottesville."

Today, through RAGA, she said:

Republican Attorneys General defend the rule of law – and equality under the law for all Americans. Those values are entirely at odds with the views of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who spewed their hatred in Charlottesville this past weekend. They are cowards who have no place in American society. Hate, racism, and violence of any form is not welcome in our great country. As elected leaders in our respective states, we stand strong against these acts of evil and come together for good and love for one another. Let us not use these horrific displays as a tool to divide us but rather unite us against those who spew such evil.”

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