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5 ways to save gas during the summer


For many Arkansas families, summertime means summer travel. Whether you’re driving to see your family before school starts back or driving to kick back at the beach, when you’re putting pedal to the metal, you’re also burning money - I mean, gas. With a few tricks though, you can save gas and stay on the road longer.

1. Pack light

Bringing 2 pairs of shoes instead of 4 isn’t light enough. Do you have a bike rack on your car even when you don’t need it? A suitcase from the last trip you took? Move that extra weight out of your car and into your garage and save on gas. The lighter you can make your vehicle, the better fuel economy you’ll see.

2. Be patient

Even a hybrid’s gas mileage can be improved with a bit of gentle driving. Experts at Popular Mechanics say that you should aim to accelerate to 60 mph at 2x your vehicle’s 0-60 time for the best gas mileage.

3. Coast down the road

Another way to squeeze a few more miles out of your fill up is to let up off the accelerator all together and just coast when you can. Coming up on a red light that you think is probably about to turn green? Leave your car in gear and avoid coming to a complete stop.

4. Enjoy the breeze

Your air conditioning uses up gas, so if it’s a pretty day outside, why not roll your windows down and enjoy the breeze? This is Arkansas, though, so there are going to be some days where turning off the A/C is not an option. That’s okay - if you’re driving faster than 60 mph, the wind drag created by having your windows down drags your gas mileage down more than cranking up your air conditioner will.

5. Trade in your gas-guzzler

Your 9 year old Suburban isn’t doing you any favors - on a good day, those tanks get 15 miles to the gallon. The good news is that automotive technology has improved over the years, so tiny hybrids aren’t your only option for good gas mileage. Even SUVs are averaging over 30 miles to the gallon. In fact, the 2017 Nissan Rogue is rated for 33 mpg highway!

This red 2017 Nissan Rogue is priced at just $19,495 and gets over 30mpg.
  • This red 2017 Nissan Rogue is priced at just $19,495 and gets over 30mpg.

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