Huckabee apologizes for 'short bus' comment on Fox | Arkansas Blog

Huckabee apologizes for 'short bus' comment on Fox


It's not unusual for Mike "Banana Republic" Huckabee to overreach for a metaphor, viral Tweet or barnyard humor. What's a little unusual is an apology. Both occurred yesterday.

Mediaite reports that Huckabee, appearing on Fox News, said of the appointment of retired general John Kelly as White House chief of staff:

“If you have four stars on your shoulder, you’re not a slow learner, you didn’t ride the short bus,” Huckabee said. “He will be fine.”
The bus reference, generally taken to refer to school transportation for special needs kids, drew denunciations on social media. Huckabee soon apologized.


The occasion drew others to remark on other instances of Huckabee bad taste.

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