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Shotgun blast at surveyor brings charge


Chad Rowe, 38, who lives on Dorsey Road north of Jacksonville, was arrested Tuesday afternoon by Pulaski deputies for allegedly firing a shotgun blast in the direction of  a surveyor who stepped on his property. No one was hit, but Rowe was charged with felony aggravated assault.

According to a deputy's report:

The surveyor, Kevin Beadle, said he was checking along a fence line for a previous survey marker at 8011 Dorsey Road and walked onto neighboring property in the process.

that is when the suspect, later identified as Chad Rowe, stepped out from behind a tree and fired one round from a shotgun in his direction. Mr. Beadle stated the blast hit about 25 feet in front of him and sprayed gravel on him. Mr. Beadle stated that the suspect then asked him what he was doing on the property. Mr. Beadle explained to him that he was surveying the property of 8011 Dorsey Road. He explained to the suspect that sometimes he has to cross onto neighboring property in order to complete the task. Mr. Beadle stated the suspect gave him a thumbs up and walked away.

Deputies were called by a neighbor. As they checked a camper trailer,

Mr. Rowe came from the back side of a pick-up truck carrying a beer. Mr. Rowe seemed very agitated and demanded deputies explain why they were on his property. Deputies ordered Mr. Rowe to turn around and to get on his knees. Mr. Rowe shouted at Deputies “What? You are going to shoot me if I don’t.” However, Mr. Rowe complied with the commands and was taken into custody without incident. Mr. Rowe began asking deputies "aren’t you even going to read me my rights?"

After Rowe was in the squad car, Beadle showed deputies where the shooting occurred. They found a spent 12-gauge shotgun shell.

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