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Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets rough ride at White House lectern



The Washington Post's Dana Milbank roughs up
Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her unhelpful work.

It’s easy to see why Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants the TV cameras off during her White House news briefings.

There is, for one, the matter of her boss constantly proclaiming things that range from the inexplicable to the patently wrong. There’s also the metastasizing Russia scandal, which keeps rendering previous Trump White House statements inoperative, as Richard Nixon press secretary Ron Ziegler used to say.

But above all is a more simple explanation: Sanders has no earthly idea what’s going on in the White House she purports to represent.

Sanders credits Sanders in part for things she can't control — like her boss. Some things, though, she inherited from her father, like that little sneer about unwelcome questions.

And so, at Monday’s off-camera briefing, she stood on the podium, frequently cocking her left eyebrow and raising the left corner of her lips to convey displeasure at the line of questioning. Then, as frequently, she opened her mouth and, with a heavy Arkansas twang, said a lot of nothing.

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