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New analysis from Congressional Budget Office: 22 million would lose coverage


The latest Congressional Budget Office scoring of the Senate health bill is out — 22 million more uninsured by 2026.

Less coverage, more expensive, for fewer people.  That's what Trump promised, right? Funny thing. It's not mean enough for some Republicans.

Want health coverage? Be born healthy and get a job.

Document here.

This undoubtedly took some real rocket science brain figuring, but the brainiacs at CBO decided that a policy with $6,000 in deductibles isn't much of a bargain for someone making $12,000 a year.

According to the Congressional Budget Office score of the plan, “despite being eligible for premium tax credits, few low-income people would purchase any plan” because the plans available are essentially useless to the poor.
Pay attention to this because here in Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson wants to cut eligibility for Medicaid expansion coverage from 138 to 100 percent of the poverty level. He, too, has claimed tax credits would offset the loss for the tens of thousands who'll lose Medicaid. They won't.

And they're now saying 18 million would lose coverage in 2018 alone.

The cut in spending on poor folks gives the Republican leadership some money to throw at Senate moderates in other ways, however.

Here's a telling nugget from the former chair of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers:

In short, says Vox: The so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act

makes health insurance unaffordable for poor people in order to finance a massive tax cut for rich people.

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