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What a deal is Trumpcare! Spend more for less coverage with higher deductibles and fewer benefits


A good explainer from Vox on the terms of the Senate health care bill. What the headline says. Some of the pain will come with state ability to waive things like a guaranteed package of benefits and other worthwhile things.

This outcome of this legislation is precisely opposite of what Donald Trump promised. As if anybody would pay attention to anything he says as being reliable.

UPDATE:  Planned Parenthood, targeted for loss of federal money for non-abortion health services, responded.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP) condemns the U.S. Senate’s draft of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill, which decimates health care for women, low-income, elderly, and disabled patients while blocking Medicaid patients from accessing Planned Parenthood. The Senate’s Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA) is no better than the House version passed in May, which would have left 23 million Americans without health insurance.

“Millions of Americans have taken to the streets and filled town halls to send a clear and concise warning to their elected officials, that leaving 23 million Americans without insurance and attacking marginalized communities and Planned Parenthood patients will not be tolerated. This draft bill is a direct insult to Americans who voted these Senators into office. We are warning the U.S. Senate to think long and hard about the consequences their vote could have on their communities at home and to their political futures,” Planned Parenthood Great Plains President and CEO, Laura McQuade said.

Access to health care, under this draft bill, would depend on a person’s zip code and income, threatening the core of our country’s human rights protections. Tens of thousands of patients rely on PPGP health centers for preventive care including STI testing and treatment, birth control, annual exams, and cancer screenings. Without Planned Parenthood, many patientswould be left waiting months for an appointment, and in some communities, without care altogether.

“Community health centers across this country have agreed, Planned Parenthood is an essential sexual and reproductive health care provider that closes the gap in underserved communities.

This draft bill, thought up in secret by 13 white men of privilege, is a reckless proposal that will disproportionately harm women, people of color and the disabled community. We call on our Senators in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma to reject this measure,” McQuade said.
Another protest of the bill is planned at Sen. Tom Cotton's office tomorrow. Since he was one of the privileged 13 white men who did the secret drafting, he's unlikely to be moved by testimony about the damage the bill would do to hundreds of thousands of his constituents.

ALSO: Paul Spencer, a Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, assailed the bill.

“The Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act is not a legitimate attempt to improve health care in this country. This bill’s sole focus is to provide billions in tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy.

To pay for it, our representatives propose gutting Medicaid coverage, which serves one in five Americans and provides nearly two-thirds of all nursing home coverage.

This proposal again proves that tax cuts for the wealthy come first, and that our current representation favors the special interests over citizens of the Second District and their ability to live dignified lives with the health coverage they need.

I plan to join the sit-in at Senator Tom Cotton's Little Rock office Friday at 11 a.m.

I applaud the the dedication of the Indivisible Movement for their opposition to such blatantly wrong-minded legislation and urge all citizens to join them in a show of solidarity to make our voices heard. "

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