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Is it a leak when Donald Trump says it?


An angry Tweet by Donald Trump confirms he's being investigated for the firing of James Comey. Really.

The Apprentice President rolls on.

This is all interesting. But don't forget the Russians. And don't forget it doesn't matter if they did or did not succeed in hacking election results or if they did or did not illegally collude with the Trump campaign. The evidence is overwhelming that they did try to influence the 2016 election, that efforts were made to penetrate election software and they have no intention of stopping in the future. Point 3 is what it matters so much. And it should matter to all, including Trump apologists. They might turn on him, too, some day.

Trump's main defense seems to be: "But Hillary ...."

Alas, she's not president.

Speaking of leaks: Mike Huckabee Tweeted that Robert Mueller had called him and that he expected that overture to be leaked in the New York "Slimes" or the Washington "Compost." Fond memories. He and his people always called us the Arkansas Slimes back in the day he was plundering Mansion funds, destroying hard drives and generally acting like a junior Trump. No leaks so far on the Mueller call. Except by Huckabee himself.


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