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Keep the ozone coming, Trump's EPA chief says


The polluter's friend, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, today announced a one-year delay in implementation of rules to reduce ozone pollution.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge naturally cheered the decision. Naturally, she issued a news release that made it sound like she valued clean air and water while cheering its degradation:

“Arkansans take great pride in our clean air and the State has continually improved its air quality, but the burdensome and costly ozone regulation makes compliance nearly impossible while placing great financial strain on small, rural communities.”

Ozone produces smog and the chemical emissions in it contribute to heart and lung disease, asthma and early death, said the Sierra Club.

Said Glen Hooks, director of the Sierra Club in Arkansas:

"The Trump administration is, once again, prioritizing polluter profits over public health. The improved ozone protections were designed to give us cleaner air, fewer asthma attacks, and a healthier America. However, Scott Pruitt has unilaterally decided to ignore federal law and give dirty coal companies yet another year to spew higher levels of pollutants into our environment.
Hooks noted that Arkansas has two large coal-burning power plants that lack equipment to remove some of the worst pollutants from emissions. Delaying the rules helps coal producers, but hurts Arkansas, he said.

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