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Transform government? Get rid of Rapert, 10 Commandments monument



Gov. Asa Hutchinson's idea to get ideas to transform government by a digital suggestion box has drawn hundreds of suggestions so far to the website.

Here's the complete rundown from the Department of Finance and Administration.

I was inspired to request the full list by reports this week from both KARK and KATV.

As they noted, some ideas were serious and policy driven. Some were serious, perhaps, but not realistic.

KATV said the most frequently expressed ideas included:

* Not putting the 10 Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds.

* Banning executions.

* Getting rid of Sen. Jason Rapert (an idea for which he had a fulsome retort for KATV including a Trumpian boast of his repeated electoral triumphs over "radical extremist liberals."

* Improving the foster care system.

KARK noted that ideas included getting Attorney General Leslie Rutledge off national TV and the resignation of the governor. Still, a spokesman said he was impressed by the thoughtfulness of many ideas. In addition to the website, state employees log telephone calls and the governor gets a monthly report.

I made a suggestion. Provide ready access on-line to the suggestions (in real time, I should have added) and amending the state Freedom of Information Act to end a virtual blackout of information in the governor's office. As I say, serious, but perhaps not realistic.

Full list so far has some good stuff, such as changing the law so that cities can establish no-gun zones. Another complained of giving $6,000 per student to the Arkansas Virtual Academy, which has no walls or anything approaching the staff and facilities of a real school. Also: open state data; equalize state employee and teacher insurance coverage; beer on Sunday.

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