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Following the Little Rock police fleet home


The news that Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore had come up with a proposed policy to modestly curtail take-home car use by the Little Rock Police Department to a 25-mile radius, but had decided not to implement it, prompted me to ask for an update on the car fleet.

I asked for the number of cars, destination cities and breakdown by race of police with take-home car privileges (a significant perk).

The spreadsheet shows that 179 cars go to 27 cities, only 67 to Little  Rock, the city that pays the officers for protection. Another eight cars are rotated among officers.

The account fluctuates some but an accounting in 2015 said that 34 percent of the city's then-524 officers lived in the city and about 30 percent were black.  About 37 percent of the carsare  assigned to officers who live in the city and about 34 percent are used by black officers. (UPDATE: The sworn force is currently 529 officers, with 340 white, 161 black, 21 Hispanic, 3 Asian, and 4 American Indian or Alaska native).

The breakdown:

Here's the policy Moore developed, currently in abeyance.
Police Chief Kenton Buckner has said he's happy with the car assignment policy. Moore said a recent uptick in crime was one reason he'd decided not to implement a change. Officers who get the cars, of course, like it. Providing a perk to live in a faraway city has struck some critics as poor policy.

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