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Voter ID laws work — to discourage minority voting


A new study of Wisconsin's strict voter ID law finds that it depressed turnout by 200,000 voters, a reduction that disproportionately included minority and Democratic-leaning voters.

You might recall that a Donald Trump victory in Wisconsin was one of the keys to his electoral college victory, thanks to a 22,748 popular vote margin. There WAS a reason Republican legislatures — including  in a couple of other key swing states Trump carried narrowly — adopted tough ID laws.

Arkansas's first voter ID was struck down in court, but the Republican legislature passed another this year and also referred an even stricter constitutional amendment to the ballot in 2018.

This new Wisconsin study will be pot-shotted. Also, the election is over. But the discussion on the study did include this interesting voter data from a Democratic analyst. (I'm particularly interested in Oregon, not for impact on this particular election but for the impact of automatic voter registration — an idea turned down by the Arkansas legislature. With it, Oregan has experienced stronger voter participation. That's good, right?)

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