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The Trump judicial watch includes a coming appointment in Arkansas


Donald Trump is delivering on conservative judicial appointments and he stands to make a big impact given how many vacancies the Republican Senate prevented Barack Obama from filling.

In Arkansas, immediate attention turns to the federal district judgeship in Eastern Arkansas. Leon Holmes is taking judicial retirement next March, which creates an opening for Trump to fill, a choice generally delegated to the U.S. senators in the state.

I mentioned on last week's Arkansas Times' podcast that a campaign was underway to win the nomination for Chad Pekron, a lawyer at Little Rock's Quattlebaum firm who's labored in Republican interests, notably including on the state Election Commission.

You'd have to think Bud Cummins, Trump's Arkansas campaign manager and a former U.S. attorney famously booted by Tim Griffin's political machinations, could be a top candidate for Trump consideration, too. He's about to turn 58 though. Pekron is 41. These days, they like appointing people who can serve a good long while. Cummins, Pekron and Cummins' age are all mentioned in this roundup of potential Trump judicial appointees.

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