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Trump: That was THEN. Today ....


Nobody should say Donald Trump is not, well, flexible. For example, just from the run of news today:

* NATO: Campaign Trump said NATO was obsolete. Today he said it wasn't. He also said Syria's Assad, whom a week ago he wasn't concerned about, was a butcher and that relations with Russia, home to many old friends, were at an all-time low. He also said NATO hadn't fought terrorism until he called the organization out, apparently forgetting its long commitment in Afghanistan.

* HIRING FREEZE: So much for his ordered freeze. He ordered it lifted today. It had produced chaos.

* CHINA: Ten days ago he called them champion currency manipulators. The dollar is strong, he says now, he isn't worried about Chinese currency manipulation.

* TAX REFORM: When? He repeatedly dodged the question in an interview.

But, hey. Flyover land loves him. He's shaking things up.

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