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Arkansas-sold ticket wins $177 million in MegaMillions drawing



An Arkansas lottery ticket purchaser, identity not yet revealed, won $177 million last night with these numbers in the multistate Mega Millions lottery. The win is payable in a lump sum of $107 million.

The lottery website says a single jackpot win is a one-in-258 million chance.

The tax man will cometh, of course, taking 40 to 45 percent in state and federal taxes. But clearing more than $60 million or so is probably enough to eke by.

HEY: Just realized, this should drop a $7 million state income tax windfall in Asa's lap. He needs it.

UPDATE: The Arkansas Lottery confirmed this afternoon that the ticket was sold in Stuttgart, but a winner has not yet come forward to claim the prize.

The ticket was purchased Thursday morning at the All Stop Valero at 408 East 22nd Street. The retailer will get $50,000 for selling the ticket.

“This is a monumental day for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery,” said Lottery Director Bishop Woosley. “The player wins, but Arkansas wins, too. This will pay millions in state taxes, a big retailer commission, and this kind of attention helps promote our lottery’s mission, which is to provide scholarships for Arkansas students.”

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