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Governors get encouragement on work rules for Medicaid


Sarah Kliff shares via Twitter a letter to the country's governors that indicates the Trump administration will look kindly on states that want to impose work rules on Medicaid recipients, good news for Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Key passage:


There's more in the letter that aligns with ideas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has proposed — all aimed at reducing the number covered by the government-financed Medicaid expansion under Obamacare and thus reducing the small share of the cost that Arkansas now must pay, eventually rising to 10 percent. It's also a symbolic outreach to those who resent government assistance programs.

Problem: Ideas circulating in Congress could leave Arkansas with far less money from the feds and a great responsibility for cost, depending on the outcome of the ongoing debate on the shape of Trumpcare.

Republican senators, by the way, are nervous about the House Trumpcare plan.

They told Trump administration officials — including the health secretary, Tom Price — that they wanted to see lower insurance costs for poorer, older Americans and an increase in funding for states with high populations of hard-to-insure people. They said those changes would greatly improve the chances of Senate approval even though they might further alienate conservatives.
Oh, and don't forget tax cuts for the wealthy. Deficits? Who cares?

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