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Governor announces big changes in Medicaid expansion



Arkansas it would seem is about to throw people off the rolls of those who got Medicaid coverage under the expansion financed by Obamacare.

Benji Hardy is at the news conference by Gov. Asa Hutchinson and will have more, but he said the big changes approved for Arkansas's Medicaid expansion is a change to provide it only to those making 100 percent or less of the federal poverty level income, rather than 138 percent, and to impose a work requirement for recipients.

No estimate yet on the number to be uninsured, but it will be substantial. The chart at top is now outdated, but gives an idea of the differences this change will bring. And it also shows how 138 percent of the poverty level isn't exactly easy street. A single person working 50 weeks a year at minimum wage earns $17,000.

Those no longer covered by the Medicaid expansion can move to the health marketplace, with government subsidies. But there, cost will be a factor for participation. About 60,000 will lose Medicaid coverage and have to seek a replacement in the market place.

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