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Boozman: Prefers Florida fund-raiser to meeting Arkansas constituents


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Sen. John Boozman's
reluctance to meet in person with constituents gets some national attention, along with other Republican congressmen who've become shy about public meetings.

After videos of his fellow Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton being dressed down by a 7-year old named Toby at a town hall on Wednesday made national headlines, Sen. John Boozman canceled his in-person town hall, scheduled for Friday. He said on Thursday that he will now hold a town hall on Monday — but over the phone, and only for people who sign up ahead of time.

Constituents who insist on seeing Boozman in person will have to pay. Also on Monday, Boozman is hosting a fundraiser that costs $500 per attendee.

Boozman was out of state for at least part of the congressional recess — attending two fundraisers at a resort in Palm Beach. The Florida event invitation shows attendees were asked to pay $1,000 per ticket.
We reported yesterday on Boozman's decision to have a sham town hall. It's essentially open only to those with Internet access and the ability to figure out how to find the page on Boozman's website where — if you fill in all blanks properly — they theoretically will call you Monday evening so you may hear Boozman answer pre-screened questions.

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