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More gun sense from Rep. Clarke Tucker


OK, all the legislative work product isn't awful.

I mentioned earlier this week Democratic Rep. Clarke Tucker's bill to prohibit gun ownership by people convicted of domestic battery or stalking.  Great idea. Heavy lift, thoughj. NRA doesn't like gun legislation — see its opposition for active shooter training for people who take concealed guns on college campuses.

Here's another good gun sense bill from Tucker: HB 1630 would makeit  a misdemeanor offense to negligently allow a child access to a firearm. In other words, if you don't look after your gun and a kid shoots himself or someone else with it, there's a potential penalty. Here's the bill.  No it doesn't prevent youngsters from hunting.

You'd think encouraging care with firearms would be applauded. You'd think there couldn't be a good reason to vote against such a measure. You don't know the gun lobby.

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